How To Decorate A Small House Decor

There are many ideas for small house decor. All focus on taking advantage of every space you have, including the most forgotten areas such as corners and walls, to make your house look broader and more attractive. Of course, not all house owners know how to design the interior of a small house. That’s why […]

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How To Decorate A Small House Decor

There are many ideas for small house decor. All focus on taking advantage of every space you have, including the most forgotten areas such as corners and walls, to make your house look broader and more attractive.

Of course, not all house owners know how to design the interior of a small house. That’s why we are here to support you with many useful decoration tips. Let’s follow this article!

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How To Maximize A Small House

Here are the ways to maximize your small house. They will help you open the space in every single room.

How to maximize a small house decor
How to maximize a small house

Keep The Floor Clear

Never let the floor get dirty! The dirt or any items on the floor will look like obstacles that cause a massive mess, making the room cramped. No matter how great your small house interior design concept is, your room still looks small if it is not clear.

Get rid of all items on the floor. If possible, you should use shelves and cabinets to store them. A small room should have minimal pieces of furniture.

On the other hand, you need to spend time cleaning the floor. Dirt on the floor also makes you feel that the space is used. It is best when you do the cleaning daily. But as a busy person, you can clean the floor once per week.

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Keep the floor clear is one of the way in the small house decor idea
Keep the floor clear

Don’t Waste The Corner

Most people ignore the corners in the room. But why waste this area when you can make it more functional? Corners are where you can put many furniture, thereby saving space in other areas.

The idea is to add cozy seating to the corner. There are many types of chairs you can use for this special house place. For example:

  • Chaise lounge
  • Rocking chair
  • Accent chair
  • Swing chair

On the other hand, you can use L-shaped chairs. The connection line between the 2 sides of the chairs will fit entirely in the corners. With this type of chair, you will waste no space.

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L-shaped chair in corners in small house decor
L-shaped chair in corners

Besides chairs, you may consider adding a shelf in the corners to create storage. Here, you can store many personal items or memorable pictures.

Take advantage of corners to make small house decor
Take advantage of corners

Let The Light In

More space will open when more light is added to your room. Therefore, take advantage of all light sources you already have and even create more lighting systems!

For natural light, you can build large windows on the walls. Make sure that you open windows often so that sunlight can get in. Also, try using glass windows with transparent leaves instead of colored ones. Light will still get through the glasses into your room, even when you close the windows.

Besides the natural sources, you can set up lighting systems. Avoid using standing or table lamps as they take up space in your house. You may consider setting ceiling lights or wall lamps.

Don’t worry about lights increasing your electricity bills! You can use LEDs that have the same efficiency as fluorescent lamps. And LEDs consume a low amount of energy as well.

Use natural light is one of solution to have small house decor
Use natural light
Set up lighting system
Set up lighting system

Verticalize Your Space

What is verticalizing a home space? It is simply using walls and ceilings to store items and free up the space on the floor.

Specifically, you can use wall shelves as alternative storage for standing cabinets. Then add items up on the shelves. On the other hand, you can switch from using standing lamps to wall-mounted LEDs.

Maximize vertical space to get small house decor
Maximize vertical space

Small House Interior Design Tricks

Besides the Tips above, we also have some great design tricks for small house decoration. You can note these hacks for your interior design concepts!

Use Pocket Door

Most homeowners choose pocket doors for their small rooms. They are a special type of door with a sliding mechanism. As you open the door, it will be hidden in a cavity in the adjacent wall. 

As the door does not need to open out in the room, you will save a lot of space. As a result, you can take advantage of the area nearby the door to set up other furniture.

Pocket door to solve small house decor
Pocket door

Lift The Lights

As mentioned above, you should place the lights higher instead of on the floor. The lights will be mounted directly to the wall. So not only do you free up space, you can also hide the light wire. 

Lift the light
Lift the light

Open Space With Mirrors

Mirrors play an important role in small house decor. This item creates reflective images that make you feel the space in your room opens twice as much.

The trick with mirrors works with any single room. You can hang mirrors on the wall in your kitchen, bedroom, entryway, living room, etc.

In addition, mirrors can reflect light. You should set up mirrors near the lighting sources. With this furniture, your house will look brighter and wider.

Mirror opens space
Mirror opens space

Use Built-In Furniture

The built-in furniture works as a part of the house structure. It is built permanently into the wall. For example, the cabinet, lamps, or ceiling fans are set up in a fixed position.

All the connection parts of the furniture will be mounted directly to the wall. So like lift lights, these pieces of built-in furniture have no unnecessary parts taking up space in your house.

Built-in furniture
Built-in furniture

Keep Small Room Neutral

Our recommendation is never to decorate a small space with too many different colors. The space will look best when it is designed with a neutral style.

The neutrals are special colors that don’t appear on the color wheels. Here are the samples of some common neutrals used for small house decor: black, white, gray, cream, taupe, brown, beige, etc.

To set up a house with a neutral style, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Use wood tones
  • Combine different neutrals
  • Add metallic tones to the house
  • Use different textures of furniture
Keep small room neutral
Keep small room neutral

Add Some Shelves

Use more shelves instead of cabinets. Shelves have a simple construction and are lightweight so that they are easy to hang on the walls. 

The shelves don’t take up much horizontal space. However, you will still be able to take advantage of it to store personal items.

Add some shelves
Add some shelves

Let Space Between Pieces

Don’t let your pieces of furniture stay too close to each other. Always leave a gap between every item. This trick will help create a balanced composition for the entire house interior.

Space between furniture
Space between furniture

Decorate Your Wall

Don’t let the wall empty or else you will feel that your room space is being blocked. There are a lot of ways you can decorate the walls, thereby creating a feeling of open space.

Here are some good wall decoration tricks you can refer to:

  • Hang up a picture or a painting of endless space (rice field, jungle, sea, galaxy, etc.)
  • Grow some plants to add fresh colors to the wall
  • Add shelves
  • Use metal frames with different shapes to create effects of open space
  • Install windows
  • Design lighting systems
  • Draw something on the walls
  • Add casual items such as clocks, calendars, televisions, fans, etc.
Decorate your walls
Decorate your walls

10 Small House Decor Ideas

Below are some ideas for small house decor ideas. If you are too busy designing the interior by yourself, just use the following concepts!

Decorate small workplace
Decorate small workplace
Decorate small living room
Decorate small living room
Decorate bedroom
Decorate bedroom
Decorate small bedroom
Decorate small bedroom
Decorate small space in bedroom
Decorate small space in bedroom
Decorate small kitchen
Decorate small kitchen
Small space in kitchen design idea
Small space in kitchen design idea
Small bathroom design idea
Small bathroom design idea

Decorate small bathroom
Small house decor with small bathroom idea
Small house decor with balcony decoration idea
Small balcony decoration idea

Last Words

We have shown you all the tips for small house decor. From now on, you can easily decorate any small room with your own ideas using our techniques. The tips work well with all kinds of rooms, including living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and so on!

We will update new posts in the future to share tips for house decoration. Please follow our website to catch up with the latest updates! Thanks for your reading!