Top 5244 insurance companies in Singapore: Full database

Mục lục 1 Assess the development of the Singapore insurance market 2 What are the three types of insurance companies in Singapore? 2.1 Life insurance companies in Singapore 2.2 Health insurance companies in Singapore 2.3 General insurance companies in Singapore 3 What insurance companies are the best in Singapore? 3.1 FWD Insurance 3.2 AXA Insurance […]

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Top 5244 insurance companies in Singapore: Full database

Assess the development of the Singapore insurance market

Personal accident and health (PA&H) insurance, which accounted for one-third of the general insurance business in 2019, is predicted to witness a rise in 2020 backed by a rise in awareness for insurance products. This is often expected to partially insulate the decline in other business lines. 

insurance companies in Singapore
insurance companies in Singapore

Changes in policies like the inclusion of hospitalization and death benefits and teleconsultation costs for policyholders impacted by COVID-19 are expected to further supplement the sales of private accidents and insurance at insurance companies in Singapore.

Let’s explore 328 Insurance companies in Singapore include contact info, business overview, social links, Registration info.

Sangharsan Biswas, Insurance Analyst at GlobalData concludes: “Despite controlling the outbreak, the economic recovery in Singapore is predicted to stay subdued. Re-imposition of lockdown restrictions thanks to the periodic resurgence of the virus could limit the expansion potential of the overall insurance business within the near term.”

What are the three types of insurance companies in Singapore?

Life insurance companies in Singapore 

If you’ve met an insurance broker to “talk about financial planning”, the likelihood is that he or she would be from a life insurer. Life assurance products tend to be complex, so agents play an enormous part in explaining and selling them.

Life insurance is one of the most important umbrella terms within the insurance world. At its most elementary, term life assurance may be a financial product that pays a call in the event of your death (and that’s it). 

But there are far more complex life assurance products that combine this death payout with an opportunity to grow your wealth, like whole life assurance, endowment plans, savings plans for retirement or otherwise, and investment-linked plans (ILPs). An example of an entire life assurance policy below. 

Health insurance companies in Singapore

All Singaporeans and PRs are auto-covered by basic insurance, referred to as MediShield Life, which is run by the government. But about 70% of folks also upgrade them with private insurance. The resulting hybrid private/government insurance is understood as Integrated Shield Plans or IPs.

IPs are heavily regulated by the Ministry of Health, so, unlike life assurance products, insurance policies are quite similar in terms of their protection tiers. 

The plans are renewed annually, so you’ll switch to a special plan without much fuss within the early years before you get any illnesses that might count as pre-existing conditions.

There are other insurance companies not on the list that provide international or expat insurance, except for most Singaporeans and PRs, IPs make the foremost financial sense.

General insurance companies in Singapore

The umbrella term general insurance encompasses many sorts of products, like travel insurance, home insurance, automobile insurance, maid insurance, and private accident insurance.

General insurance products are much simpler than health and life assurance and don’t require any quite a health declaration. So it’s tons easier to match and buy general insurance online.

What insurance companies are the best in Singapore?

FWD Insurance

If there’s one thing that FWD Insurance is understood for, it’s their simple, reliable, and affordable insurance packages. Besides personal insurance, you’ll also depend upon their car, travel, maid, and insurance.

FWD is among leading insurance companies in Singapore
FWD is among leading insurance companies in Singapore

All their insurance packages will assist you to steel yourself against the longer-term through their comprehensive products and services that are beneficial to your lifestyle. FWD has been around Singapore for an extended time, making it one of the foremost trusted companies on the island.

Founded year: 2005 (Singapore)

AXA Insurance

Being among the best insurance companies in Singapore, AXA promises to deliver insurance packages that will meet your needs and assist you to steel yourself against the longer term. It’s also worth noting that AXA features a lot of insurance packages to supply, including life, car, travel, and even accident insurance.

AXA Insurance Singapore
AXA Insurance Singapore

If you don’t know which insurance option is true for you, they need a team of consultants who will assist you realize your personal goals and match them with an idea that will assist you to achieve them.

Founded year: 1999

Revenue: 10M-100M

AIA Insurance

If you would like an insurance provider that gives competitive services at a reasonable price, then aia Insurance is the perfect match for you. It’s committed to improving the lives of its clients by providing insurance plans that promise a stable future.

As one of the biggest insurance companies in Singapore, aia has received tons of praise from its clients. Most clients have commented that its claim process has always been smooth and note how easy it’s to use for its insurance packages. 

Another thing that aia Insurance is legendary for is its excellent customer service. Whenever a client features a question, it’s easy to urge in-tuned with a representative which will answer all of your pressing questions.

Founded year: 2011

Revenue: >100M

Aviva Insurance

Aviva offers a good range of insurance packages including life, car, travel, health, and even retirement insurance.

Aviva provides a good range of insurance packages
Aviva provides a good range of insurance packages

With over 100 years of experience, Aviva knows the requirements and desires of individuals just like the back of their hands. Being within the business for therefore long has allowed them to return up with packages that specifically target the requirements of their clients, providing clients with a stable and bright future.

Founded year: 1999

Revenue: 10M-100M

Pacific Prime Singapore

Pacific Prime knows how expensive it’s to urge sick people without proper insurance, so it took it upon itself to supply affordable and competitive insurance plans to everyone on the island.

It may not be the foremost famous insurance provider in Singapore, but it promises insurance packages that will ensure a far better future for you and your family.

Among their insurance packages are health, car, travel, maternity, and even home insurance plans. One check out these shows that it’s a number of the best insurance in Singapore.

Unlike most companies, it doesn’t cause you to undergo hoops just to avail of packages, proving that a stable future has become more accessible than ever.

Founded year: 2006


Liberty Insurance

As one of the best insurance companies in Singapore, Liberty Insurance is committed to providing their clients with insurance that will remove their worries about the uncertainty of the longer term.

Liberty Insurance
Liberty Insurance

Liberty Insurance

It doesn’t only consider your welfare but your family’s also, especially the lives of your children. That’s why it offers a number of the best insurance in Singapore.

Liberty Insurance knows that family always comes first, so it devotes itself to offering insurance packages that benefit its clients’ families. Every plan is straightforward to rearrange, comes with competitive products and services, and has affordable premium rates.

Founded year: 1990

Revenue: 10M-100M

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As a corporation that’s dedicated to giving consumers unbiased and punctiliously reviewed financial product recommendations, we need to know each insurance firm and its products inside and out. Through researches, people found ways to match each insurer fairly and see which companies stand out from the competition. Good insurance companies in Singapore are those that not only offer fair pricing to its consumers but also one that does not cheat policyholders out of coverage. They are quick to deal with consumer needs, be it a replacement benefit (for instance, terrorism or hijacking coverage for travel insurance) or faster and easier claim submissions.