Top 5 leading entertainment companies in Singapore

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Top 5 leading entertainment companies in Singapore

What do entertainment companies in Singapore do?

Entertainment companies in Singapore
Entertainment companies in Singapore

Entertainment companies in Singapore contain a strangely broad range of companies involved in businesses like telecommunications services, television, music, video games, and live concerts. 

From musicians to clowns to magicians to comedians, entertainment companies in Singapore concentrate on supplying performers for everything from birthday parties to company retreats. While most businesses will focus on one particular kind of performer, they can use a good range of people with various skills to satisfy a range of needs.

What are the types of entertainment companies in Singapore?

Entertainment companies in Singapore are businesses that generate value by providing people with something interesting to try to do or watch. Below are the illustrative example for some of entertainment companies types:

  • Film: The movie industry that produces and distributes feature films and animation.
  • Music: the assembly and performance of music and related media like music videos.
  • Media: The media industry is the communication of data and entertainment. This covers film, music, television, radio, and social media. Not all media is entertainment, counting on its content.
  • Sports: Spectator sports and related media.
  • Attractions: Attractions like theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, and zoos.
  • Museums: Cultural attractions like art, history, and science museums.
  • Performance Art: Performances like theatre, concerts, dance performances, circuses, comedy, and magic shows.

How many entertainment companies are in Singapore?

FLY Entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment companies in Singapore

FLY Entertainment is a leading artist management company in Singapore founded by the bubbling, award-winning host and comedian, Irene Ang, in 1999. 

FLY Entertainment
FLY Entertainment

Recognized as a market leader for its creative and gung-ho approach within the show business, and for its proven diary in grooming successful artists, FLY has garnered wide-ranging support from the local media, broadcasters, production companies, and company clients.

FLY has equally managed to offer casting and event management services. The strength of their artiste management arm, their access to an available network of talents around Asia and powerful business networks within the region have provided the crucial impetus and support in enabling their raid casting and events. To date, FLY successfully managed many high-profile projects.

Founded year: 2000

Revenue: 1M-5M

mm2 Entertainment is one of the largest entertainment companies in Singapore

mm2 Entertainment is Singapore’s leading media entertainment and content company. This company produces content for a mess of platforms: movies, TV and web series, telemovies, commercial short films, and formats. In 2016, mm2 signed eight YouTubers as mm2’s Digital Content Producers to supply a slate of original online content, including mini-movies and web series.

mm2 Entertainment
mm2 Entertainment

mm2 offers comprehensive film-making services, starting from the inception of thought, to financing, sponsorship, production, marketing, and distribution. 

mm2 thrives on finding and providing creative solutions to their commercial clients. The company’s enthusiastic and experienced sales and marketing team are consistently performing on new, value-added packages for their sponsors and investors—be it product placements, marketing collaborations, or investments. mm2 customizes all their business packages to suit their partners’ needs.

Founded year: 2009

Revenue: 1M-5M


Bandwagon is the leading independent music media company in Southeast Asia, delivering news, entertainment, and events happening in their region to many readers around the world.

Bandwagon interfaces with the whole cross-section of the music industry- artists, labels, concert promoters, bands, venues, and fans. We see themselves as builders of the music ecosystem. From their work, Bandwagon would like to ascertain more artists in Asia having the ability to form a living, more packed venues, and more interest in their music culture from people around the world.

Bandwagon TV is devoted to documenting music in Asia because it happens. Working with artists who are touring or based in Asia, Bandwagon TV captures unique insights into a number of the region’s best artists. With unique programming starting from outdoor performances, game shows, interviews, and episodic series, Bandwagon TV is the destination for music lovers of all types.

Founded year: 2011


Technicolor is a worldwide leader within the creation and seamless delivery of extraordinary entertainment experiences. By uniting industry-leading artistry with world-class innovation, the corporate and its family of creative studios help storytellers bring their most ambitious visions to life. At Technicolor, we unite creativity with technology to push the boundaries of what entertainment is often.

From the start, Technicolor specializes in constantly improving the tools and technologies of their industry, and therefore the experiences they create have redefined what’s possible for storytellers and audiences across the world. Through perpetual innovation, the company creates the tools and technologies that enable their clients to realize their creative visions in ever more efficient and effective ways.

By uniting the newest technologies with their industry-leading creativity, Technicolor delivers innovative experiences that connect with audiences on an emotional level – whether delivered reception, in theaters or call at the planet.

Founded year: 1987


Ooffle is a leading creative agency in Singapore specializing in events and campaign management. Ooffle involves life because the experiential agency for events & entertainment, content design, 360 marketing & advertising, also as forward-thinking technology. It’s your launchpad for turning ideas into creative experiences – where serendipitous meetings occur, radical new technologies are discovered and therefore the verticals of the worldwide media business are at the forefront of your engagements.

Ooffle is one of the best entertainment companies in Singapore

Ooffle gives you coverage from venue creative design, AV lighting setup, emcee services, special acts to measure band entertainment. Leave it to Ooffle to be the event and entertainment company that not only manages your event but also provides original and ground-breaking performances by talented entertainers everywhere in Singapore for each occasion. 

Founded year: 2005


While there are many niche players, the entertainment industry is dominated by large media companies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, within entertainment companies in Singapore, firms providing streaming video games and movie entertainment have thrived. But companies that operate theme parks or offer live concerts are badly hurt.It’s expected that the development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can change the way we interact with Media and entertainment content and how we participate. This can lead to changing interaction models, which are believed to be the biggest opportunity and challenge for the entertainment industry.