Top 362 Financial Companies In Singapore and insights

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Top 362 Financial Companies In Singapore and insights

What are financial companies in Singapore?

Financial companies in Singapore are businesses that offer loans to individuals and corporations. Unlike a bank, a nondepository financial institution doesn’t get cash deposits from customers, nor does it give other services similar to banks, such as checking accounts.

Financial Companies In Singapore
Financial Companies In Singapore

Is Singapore good for finance?

Singapore is so attractive for finance for many reasons: 


One of the first Four Asian Tigers, Singapore let international investors access the large Asian market within a radius of seven hours’ flight time. Having the strategic location to serve the Asia Pacific, Singapore is a complicated business infrastructure, global connectivity, and trade linkages around the globe.


Singapore remains among the few countries with an AAA credit rating, holding powerful growth potential also as sound and enticing grounds for investments. Among them, a talented English-speaking workforce, low taxes, well-established infrastructure, and no tolerance to corruption. Of a PwC study, supporting social and economic data, the Asian island nation ranks within the TOP 3 of the best global cities.


Regarded as the foremost “Tech-Ready Nation”, Singapore is actively embracing the newest technologies and implementing them within the financial domain. In turn, the financial market is enriched with new services and products supported by Data analytics, UX, Big Data, Machine Learning, Gamification, etc. 

State encouragement

Massive actions are done by the government to encourage businesses, represented by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). As an aim to make new business opportunities and enhance the welfare of the citizens, it’s launched a variety of programs.

To bring back these strategic goals, the state has committed S$ 225 million to the event of FinTech projects and proofs of concept.

How do financial companies in Singapore make money?

Financial companies in Singapore take advantage of the interest rates (the fees charged for the utilization of borrowed money) they charge on their loans, which are normally above the interest rates that banks charge their clients.

How many financial companies are there in Singapore?

OCBC Bank is among the leading financial companies in Singapore

OCBC is one of the leading financial companies in Singapore

OCBC is established in Singapore. The company deals with publicly listed financial services. About 530 OCBC’s branches and representative centers are under operation in more than 15 regions. OCBC’s products cover consumer banking, investment banking, asset management, insurance schemes, and so on.

Founded year: 1983

Capital Dynamics

Capital Dynamics is established in Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur. Capital Dynamics in Singapore is a world fund manager, founded by Tan Teng Boo. Capital Dynamics mainly controls the CIVF (Capital International Value Fund), a load-free global fund, and gives personally administered finances for accredited shareholders and investors. It’s a mutual fund administrative organization.

Founded year: 2013

DBS Bank Limited

DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) Bank is the largest bank in SE Asia, established by the government of Singapore in 1968. The company had been established with a motive to administer industrial financing activities. Its market positions are superior concerning consumer banking, markets and treasury, securities brokerage, assets administration, debt fundraising, and equity in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Founded year: 1986

Temasek Holdings

Temasek Holdings

Owned by the Singapore government, Temasek is an investment trust quartered in Singapore. Temasek is one of the foremost reliable and efficient financial investment sectors in Singapore and worldwide. Temasek is one among those only a few international finance firms that have achieved notable corporate ratings by both Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s of AAA and Aaa respectively.  

Founded year: 2011

Hong Leong Finance Ltd

Hong Leong Finance Ltd is one of the well-reputed finance companies in Singapore. It offers a satisfactory range of monetary products and services for private and company purposes. the corporate administers savings and deposits, business loans, personal loans, asset-based loans, aids in financial planning and manages corporate deposits and finances.

Founded year: 1961

Revenue: >100M

JP Morgan Singapore

JP Morgan is one of the most important investment banks in the world. Its range of products and services includes investment banking, equities, public finance, exchange, risk management, commodity insurance and asset management, prime brokerage, exchange, other personal and company baking solutions.

Founded year: 1965


FinIQ Consulting Pte Ltd

FinIQ Consulting Pte Ltd is responsible for treasury and wealth administration framed products. The corporation’s services cover basket and equity-linked notes, dual currency investments, options strips, range accruals, principal assured deposits, etc. FinIQ’s digital products support automating structured product trades.

Founded year: 2000


Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank set its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore in 1988. Deutsche Bank deals with corporate banking and company financial planning. It offers commercial assets management services. DB also administers global transaction banking, wealth and asset management, and company finance securities.

Founded year: 2005

Revenue: >100M

De Lage Landen Pte Ltd

De Lage Landen Pte Ltd may be a nondepository financial institution that gives quality asset-oriented financial products. It provides chartered schemes to distributors, dealers, and makers worldwide. The company’s services and products are confined to specific industries like agriculture and food, construction, healthcare, office technology, transportation, and mobility.

Founded year: 2003


Aberdeen Asset Management PLC is quartered in Singapore. It’s a world investment administration company, administering assets for both retail and institutional clients from offices around the globe. Aberdeen offers investors a spread of institutional services and locally-operated regional, global, or national funds.

Founded year: 2010

Revenue: 1M-5M

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Though banking institutions remain the foremost popular source of business loans, many people seeking loans for little businesses have begun to prefer finance companies to banks because finance companies are less concerned with their prospective clients’ credit history. This suggests that a nondepository financial institution is more likely to approve a loan request than a bank which a nondepository financial institution is going to be apt to lend extra Money for extended periods of your time than a bank. 

Small business owners generally request loans from financial companies in Singapore to get inventory (the goods they sell) from wholesalers (the companies that sell goods to retail stores). In exchange for favorable terms on a loan, finance companies often require small business owners to form their assets available as collateral.